Businesses today are widely structured on IT-based systems. Many of the tasks involved are repetitive, tedious and take up a lot of time and money. This is where automation comes in handy and will reduce costs while in the same time increase efficiency and frees up employees to handle other tasks.


Automation Flow Robot is:

 a software application that provides business process automation from basic to complex operations;
  designed for companies wishing to automate the tedious tasks that employees have to constantly perform and free them up for other tasks that require human interaction;
  perfect for small businesses and for large or very large companies;
  a cheap and easy to use and deploy solution. Just by defining some steps and actions you can achieve most of the basic tasks.


Curious about what we can automate ?

Browser interaction

We integrate with the selenium webdriver API to offer a wide range of browser interaction and put it in an easy to use format.

Operating system interaction

Execute commands and scripts on a local or remote machine.

Mouse and keyboard interactions

Simulate any user interaction with the mouse or keyboard.

Database access

Query or update the information stored in the database.


File manipulation

Access files from local or remote machines including via FTP or SSH.

Email access

Simply and quickly send emails containing notifications and files.

JMX access

Query runtime statistics on the applications running on any server with JMX support.


Why Automation Flow Robot ?


  No Coding

  Works Everywhere

  Intuitive for Users

  Fast and Reliable

   Easy Web Testing

   Understands All of the Web

  Higher Employee Productivity


   Visual resource editor
   Visual step editor
   Visual action editor
  Copy & Paste the selected           element
  Cut the selected element
  Move the selected element up           & Move down

Flow visual editor

features at a glance

          Retain software allows you to take control of your resources. You can access an instant view of the resource's availability over time, with powerful filtering and an intuitive user-friendly design. You will be empowered to quickly allocate time and resources to specific areas of your business.

  Delete the selected element
  Import element from file
  Export the selected element           to file

  Possibility to work on
            multiple desktops

  Text editor